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Best advice about making Aliyah to Israel (Trailer)

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Tribe Journal presents the best videos, interviews and advice we could find about what it takes to make Aliyah to Israel.

This new series at TRIBE Journal will focus on everything Aliyah. A lot goes into making Aliyah including schools, jobs, real estate and community life. Many people who make Aliyah could benefit greatly by having more information and perspectives weighing in before they take the leap. There are also those who are already on the ground in the Holy Land that can benefit from the wisdom of experts who work with English speaking newcomers.

Thank you to our sponsors who enable us to provide those thinking of moving to Israel and those already living in Israel with precious pearls of advise and wisdom. We will not be whitewashing or selling Aliyah but will be providing a sobering and rational look into what it takes to truly be living life next year in Jerusalem.

To follow this series and other important episodes...

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1 Comment

Salomon Perez
Salomon Perez
Sep 02, 2022

pourquoi une video en anglais alors que tout le reste est en francais vous vous adressez a qui des anglais ou des francais

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