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UltraOrthodox Haredim In Israel Help Soldiers and Build Unity on the Front Lines | Brothers in Arms

Updated: Feb 19

Some people have obstructed view. Others have front row seats. People living in Israel are on the court because it's all hands on deck. The unity in Israel is impossible to ignore.

On oct. 7th, 2023 Hamas catalyzed a spiritual transformation and national unity in Israel that was truly unimaginable prior to the attack. To cover the story of the millions of heroic individuals unifying together would be impossible. In this episode of tribe journal we take a closer look at a grassroots group of ultra-orthodox Haredim who have dropped everything to help strengthen the troops on the frontlines with love, with unity and as brothers in arms.

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Nothing brings us together like tzu res. When one Jew is threatened then we all are. Not since 73 have I seen anything like this. We are one!!! Am Yisrael Chai.

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