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BORDERS (Season 1)

Updated: May 30, 2022

Dear Friends,

One of the most misrepresented and misunderstood people of all time is the Jew. Today, the Jewish State of Israel is no different. Often times we blame the media for failing to tell a full story in the few precious minutes the audience will give to get the story straight. This results in absentee branding. When a person, organization or community fail to represent themselves and thus leave a vacuum for others to create their brand for them. Too often times this results in undeservingly negative images.

The enormous gap between the media's portrayal of Israel and the reality on the ground will not bridge itself. But when creating awareness of the problem doesn't make it stop, we must double down on finding solutions.

Borders come in various forms such as oceans, rivers and mountains. Some are made by humans. This series aims the camera at citizens and residents of Israel and creatively tells the story of the people there. Each story together creates a mosaic which will truly express the complexity of the region.

There are enough spotlights on the billionaire class, the unicorn companies and those with celeb status. Remember, the average life of the average Chaim is far from average indeed. There are so many unsung heroes who inspire us to achieve greater expressions living. This mosaic will bring you beyond the borders and take a closer look at the complexity of Israel's richness, strength and love. We journey through a diverse field of opinions and beliefs. We will see endless flavors of religious practices and lifestyles. We will seek to understand what makes us similar as well as what makes us different.

We journey to create a colorful and diverse mosaic of real people and open our doors virtually to the world so they can see us as we truly are.

Thank you in advance for joining our community partners. Every expression of support is meaningful beyond words.

J.P. Katz is Director of The TRIBE Group, a boutique mentoring firm helping individuals identify, access and actualize their true potential.


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