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A Timeless Message About Your Time

An important reminder, especially during these transformative times.

Whenever I catch up with old friends, especially those who have been successful according to most peoples standards of success, I try to ask them the big question..."What's the gameplay? When are you going to retire?" More often than not they don't even understand the question.

We usually delve deeper into things to try and discover what truly motivates them and it is often quite surprising. We are wired with consciousness but that only extends so far inward before we are not privy to the innermost aspects of our personalities. It takes bit of a forensic approach to try and figure out what is going on within. I believe that this important step is necessary to unlock one's true potential. Often times the simple understanding of one's internal world can unlock the golden handcuffs and set a person free to live a life of exploration and discovery. My executive clients rediscover relationships they haven't focused on as well as passion projects and experiences they were pushing off or general less interested in.

Everyone is talking about the Great Reset. The world is changing whether you like it or not. You can only control that which is in your control to do. Are you going to change with the world or will it be business as usual?

J.P. Katz is Director of The TRIBE Group, a boutique mentoring firm helping individuals identify, access and actualize their true potential.


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