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Moving to Israel

First it was Corona. Then it was BLM. Then It was the elections. Then it was Corona. Now it's Afghanistan, then probably back to Corona. OK, this is go time. Arguably, my midlife crisis... one of the craziest things I think I've ever attempted to do... moving Israel.

Here we are. We are finally here. It wasn't easy, it was challenging. And one of the greatest challenges was saying goodbye to so many special special people. People who have grown so close to and practically raised our children with, an entire community of friends. Friends who are like our family. And don't get me started about saying goodbye to family. It was one of the hardest, most deepest goodbyes that I think I'll ever have to make. But now we are here.

We are in Israel for a year, two years, 20 years, 120 years. Let's try it. Let's see, how goes.

A mentor of mine, Rabbi Breitowitz, was asked on a live stream on if he thought religious American Jews should be making Aliyah. He said, “Even if a person comes to the conclusion Aliya is not right for them they at least have to ask the question and engage in the process. To simply shut your eyes and ignore don't ask, don't think about it, frankly, makes no sense at all. And therefore, it's a [great question] why the vast majority of [religious] Jews, I'm not talking about the non-religious, don't even think about this. It is not on the radar at all. And I frankly cannot really give a justification for it.” Here's the full video.

So we're "considering" it (obviously for a wide variety of reasons that are personal to our unique situation). And we hope you'll at least digitally join us on this journey.

Stay tuned to or @TribeJournal for more of a local perspective, a perspective that you can trust, a perspective that we are pretty confident the mainstream media is not showing you. They either don't want you to see this Israel or they don't know where to look for it.

Let's have an honest look at this land from the viewpoint of the people who live here. Not the famous, not the wealthy, not the influential. Real people, real stories, real Israel.

Subscribe on social media @TribeJournal or have our content conveniently delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing at Looking forward and wishing you a happy, healthy, sweet New Year. May we see peace in our days.

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