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Hearing Protests in Israel (1 of 3)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Protesters Swarm and Use Mob Intimidation Tactics to Silence Any Meaningful Dialogue.

It seems obvious to everyone these days that the media bias misleads the public and preys on audiences fears for sociopolitical and economic gain. After 10 weeks of protests I began going to Tel Aviv to try to understand exactly why the protesters are there and why they feel the judicial reform is a “threat to democracy.” In another episode of TRIBE Journal we will compile long form intelligent discussions from those more successful attempts listen to protestors and have deepen our understanding of the opposition. This episode is different.

This is the story of a good idea made sour. I asked two lawyers from each side of the issue to debate the judicial reform on camera. Our plan was to meet in Tel Aviv, hear intellectual and civil discourse and then afterwards see if some of the protesters would want to respond. On Thurs. March 16, 2023 I went to the protests to learn as I have successfully done in the past but was attacked by a very angry mob who suppressed any discussion whatsoever. It was nearly impossible to hear the person standing next to me, let alone the protesters intellectual arguments to push back the reform. I will leave the 10 min. incident as is with an occasional freeze frame commentary to note important aspects of the incident.

A healthy democracy depends on accurate information and analytical reasoning of voters. It is for both of those reasons that I felt compelled to publish this episode of TRIBE JOURNAL.

To watch our long form interviews with protesters who were more civil and intellectually engaging, and to hear the long form debate between the two legal experts, please subscribe at TRIBEJOURNAL.ORG or find us on social media at @tribejournal

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